Analytical Corner - Session 3: Debt


Location: IMF Connect


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Public Debt Transparency—Aligning the Law with the Public Good

Debt transparency is fundamental to promote sustainable borrowing, enable sound fiscal management, inform debt restructuring processes and support accountability over the use of public resources. While there have been advances across countries, critical legal gaps remain which may lead to underreporting of debt and contingent liabilities, uncoordinated institutional arrangements, misuse of confidentiality clauses, and weak accountability. This presentation will illustrate how, in implementing international standards and best practices, domestic legal frameworks for public debt and financial management can support debt transparency.

Based on work by Karla Vasquez, Kikachukwu Alex-Okoh, Alissa Ardito, Alessandro Gullo, Olya Kroytor, Mia Pineda, Ron Snipeliski


Karla Vasquez

Legal Department, IMF


Kikachukwu Alex-Okoh

Legal Department, IMF


Handle with Care: Issues in Sovereign Domestic Debt Restructuring

COVID-19 has increased debt vulnerabilities and potential debt restructurings, including domestic debt restructurings (DDRs). But how are DDRs different? What are the additional risks and considerations involved? And what can policy makers do to minimize these costs on their financial system and economy?


Tamon Asonuma

Strategy, Policy, and Review Department, IMF


Trevor Lessard

Monetary and Capital Markets Department, IMF


Presenter in Q&A

Sebastian Grund
Legal Department, IMF