5 Things to Do at the Annual Meetings

At some point during the Annual Meetings, you may experience a bewildering sensation: An hour of free time. Should you find yourself in this strange predicament, don’t panic. The Fund is eager to provide you with a short respite before reality (and responsibility) reasserts itself.

Get Smart at a Seminar

Many Fund staff view the IMF principally as a place of learning, closer in spirit to a small university than to a financial institution. It’s one of the privileges of working at the Fund, and now it’s your turn to join in.

From Tuesday to Sunday, the IMF will hold a number of high-level seminars in the Conference Halls, the HQ1 Atrium, and Cedar Hall. Whether it’s a Nobel laureate, a minister of finance, the CEO of a Rwandan drone delivery company, or even CNN’s Richard Quest, our speakers and panelists will energize your mind.

Join the Managing Director as she kicks off the New Economy Forum, a series of seminars exploring the future of work. Take the 30,000-foot view of the Future of Globalization, or get deep in the weeds on Systemic Risk and Macroprudential Stress Testing. No matter what the perspective, you’ll get unparalleled insight from some of the world’s leading thinkers.

Hang Out on the Corner

Go beyond the flagship reports and high-level seminars with the Analytical Corner speaker series. Inaugurated at last year’s Annual Meetings, these TED-style talks are a forum for the IMF’s up-and-coming economists to share the insights they’ve gained from their on-the-ground experience.

Located in Cedar Hall, these discussions cover a range of vital topics from the potential of big data to the economic impact of hurricanes in small states. While you’re on the way there, check out the Faces of the Fund exhibit, a digital photo installation featuring notable IMF staff members. If you time it right, you’ll see a photo of the Fund’s most beloved employee: Orma, our security K-9.

Free Indonesian Coffee

Need we say more?

Located near the entrance to the HQ1 Atrium. Enjoy it in the Networking Lounge.

Receive a Postcard

Hosted by the Fund’s Institute for Capacity Development, the Postcard Series uses a storytelling approach to highlight how the IMF works with country officials to strengthen economic policies. Hear from the front lines of teaching inclusive growth, or learn about how government officials can help their countries build resilience to climate-related shocks.

Make Yourself at Home

IMF staff may work in this building every day, but we know we’re merely the caretakers of this institution. It’s really your IMF, so enjoy it. Take in a cultural event (there’s usually free food). Buy some souvenirs from the gift shop. Grab lunch in the cafeteria; you never know who you’ll see. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the many staff members who are eager to make these Annual Meetings as productive and enjoyable as possible.