To help ensure your safety and that of the trainers and staff against the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, certain protocols have been put in place for, as stipulated in SARTTAC’s COVID-19 Guidelines for In-Person Training. All participants are expected to observe and comply with these guidelines, which have been developed with and approved by IMF Headquarters. Participants are expected to be fully vaccinated as per the approved primary schedule of vaccination against COVID-19 in the country at the time of confirming attendance at a course. Other precautions are being taken around masking, distancing, and temperature checks, as stipulated in the guidelines.


All participants, trainers, and staff associated with the course will be tested for COVID-19 on the first day of training each week. A rapid antigen test will be administered (SARTTAC will cover the cost). No one will be admitted into SARTTAC’s facilities until they show proof of a negative test and no one will be exempt from testing, including all participants, trainers, and staff.


Air ticket

For national training at SARTTAC provided to Indian States and National Agencies (including for Reserve Bank of India officials), all travel arrangements for participants will be made and covered by the nominating agency based on their own policies.

Medical expenses

Participants are advised to have their own medical and travel insurance to cover medical expenses incurred during the duration of the training course, including travel time. SARTTAC does not provide participants with medical insurance benefits and will not be responsible for participants’ medical expenses incurred during course participation. Medical treatment and expenses not covered by medical insurance of participants will be the responsibility of participants or their sponsoring agency.

Personal effects

No insurance coverage is provided by SARTTAC, including against any personal effects, coverage for lost, stolen, or damaged baggage, for other stolen or missing items, or for emergency travel assistance.


Hotel arrangements/bookings

For all national participants, SARTTAC will reserve hotel accommodations, if requested, in New Delhi Aerocity for courses held at the Center or in other locations where courses are held. Rooms will be booked in the participant’s name for single occupancy, with check-in one day before the start of the course and check-out the same day of the end of the course or one day after depending on course timings and travel options.

In making hotel arrangements, SARTTAC will not entertain, bear the cost of, or facilitate:

a.    Hotel accommodation requests and amendments in the middle of the course.

b.    Expenses that are incurred beyond the stipulated dates of the course.

c.    Booking requests for a family member or a personal aide of participants.

Room type

SARTTAC will cover accommodations on a single occupancy basis with a buffet breakfast only, daily two pieces of laundry, and Wi-Fi. The hotel will provide two-way airport transfers and daily shuttle service between the hotel to SARTTAC for resident participants.

All incidentals and additional costs (e.g. charges associated with double occupancy/extra beds, consumption from mini-bar, use of room service, additional laundry, use of telephone, early check-ins/late check-outs, or any other hotel services/incidentals) must be settled by the participants directly with the hotel at the time of check out.

Use and cancellation

Participants availing hotel accommodations should stay at the hotel for the entire duration of the course. Hotel accommodation expenses that are incurred beyond the stipulated dates of the course will not be borne by SARTTAC. Unless there are exceptionally mitigating circumstances, participants or their sponsoring agency will be responsible for paying any charges incurred by SARTTAC for no-shows on arrival or cancellation of a confirmed room booking within 24 hours of planned check-in. Any change in reservations made by participants should be notified immediately to the SARTTAC course administrator for the associated training, with the participant or the sponsoring agency generally expected to bear all change/cancellation fees. SARTTAC will not consider any requests for amendment in a hotel booking during the course except in emergency situations.


Lunch and refreshments

During training days, SARTTAC will offer tea/coffee and a buffet lunch at an appropriate venue.


Per diems/allowances

Allowances and per diem for the participants will be borne by their nominating agencies (based on their own policies). SARTTAC will not cover these expenses.