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South Asia Regional Training and Technical Assistance Center (SARTTAC) is a collaborative venture between the IMF, the member countries (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka), and development partners. The Center’s strategic goal is to help its member countries strengthen their institutional and human capacity to design and implement macroeconomic and financial policies that promote growth and reduce poverty. Read More...

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November 29, 2023 (1:30 - 3:30) pm. IST
Webinar: "Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions"

December 4-8, 2023
Training Course: "Selected Macroeconomics Issues for Reserve Bank of India General Inductees"

December 11-15, 2023
Training Course: "Quarterly Gross Domestic Product and Seasonal Adjustment"

December 11-22, 2023
Training Course: "Batch 2 - Selected Macroeconomic Issues for the IES Mid-Career officers"

January 8-12, 2024
Training Course: "Enhancing Effectiveness of AML CFT Frameworks - Evolution of the FATF Standards"

January 8-19, 2024
Training Course: "Foundation Training for the Reserve Bank of India"

January 15-19, 2024
Training Course: "Public Sector Debt Statistics"

January 15-19, 2024
Training Course: "Batch 3 - Strengthening the Public Financial Management Framework"  

Schedule of Courses 2023

Schedule of Courses 2024

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