Revenue Administration Advisor: Ravinder Saroop



Mr. Ravinder Saroop joined SARTTAC as Revenue Administration Advisor in March 2022.  His professional experience spans more than 30 years in various areas of revenue administration and tax policy. Before joining SARTTAC, he held the position of Principal Commissioner, Goods and Services Tax (GST), in India, where he handled ground-level implementation of the GST in the city of Mumbai. His other experience includes risk-based audit, taxpayer services, compliance management of large taxpayers, and capacity building on a range of tax topics—both nationally and internationally. Earlier in his career, he worked as Director and as Officer on Special Duty in the Tax Research Unit in Government of India (GOI), covering tax and customs policy and tariff reforms. He holds a Masters of Public Administration degree from Harvard University and was also Edward Mason Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School. He is a recipient of Presidential Award from the GOI.