Practical Implementation of Risk-Based Supervision (RBS)

Course Details

Start: November 26, 2018

End: November 30, 2018

Course Number: SA18.43

Course Name: Practical Implementation of Risk-Based Supervision (RBS)

Language: English

Location: New Delhi, India

Application Process: By Nomination



Target Audience

The course is intended for staff of supervisory authorities in the process to implement risk-based supervision.


Participants are expected to have 4 to 5 years of experience in banking supervision.

Course Description

The course is a follow-up to the course on “Core Elements of Banking Supervision” that aimed to develop a basic understanding of risk-based supervision. The course on “Practical Implementation of Risk-Based Supervision “ is a new course that aims to address the practical issues of implementing a risk-based supervision approach to banking supervision. The course will cover issues such as the establishment of the risk profile of a bank, the use of risk assessment methodologies and risk monitoring tools, the building a risk matrix, the use of a forward-looking risk-rating system, the development of supervisory plans addressing supervisory priorities.

The course will have lectures, but a significant part of the delivery will involve interactive sessions with case studies and group discussions.

Course Objectives

The course presented by SARTTAC takes a pragmatic approach to issues when moving from a compliance-based type of supervision to a more risk-based approach with hands-on exercises that provide greater emphasis on concrete and practical applications.