Strengthening Public Financial Management Framework (Group 3)

Course Details

Start: February 17, 2020

End: February 21, 2020

Course Number: SA20.14

Course Name: Strengthening Public Financial Management Framework (Group 3)

Language: English

Location: New Delhi, India

Application Process: By Nomination



Target Audience

Officials from Government of Bangladesh registered in the FEEM Course - to be nominated by Institute of Public Finance, Dhaka.


Participants should have experience in fiscal policy, budgeting and/or expenditure management.

Course Description

This course shall present the good practices in public financial management and their role in promoting fiscal discipline and efficient fiscal management in the areas of medium-term budget frameworks and forecasting techniques, strategic budgeting, fiscal reporting, public investment management and fiscal risk management. Participants will also work in groups on hands-on estimation and forecasting exercises.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

- Demonstrate a better understanding of the relationship between macroeconomic forecasting and fiscal policy.

- Appreciate and describe the importance of fiscal institutions within a modern public finance management framework.

- Summarize, describe, and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Bangladesh's budgeting and public investment practices, relative to good practices.

- Demonstrate an understanding of techniques used in identifying and quantifying fiscal risks, and choices in the management of fiscal risks

- Appreciate the key features of the IMF's Fiscal Transparency Code