Taxpayer Registration - Train the Trainers

Course Details

Start: December 10, 2020

End: December 18, 2020

Course Number: SA20.29v

Course Name: Taxpayer Registration - Train the Trainers

Language: English

Location: Virtual from SARTTAC 

Application Process: By Nomination



Target Audience

Managers and senior staff working in the Taxpayer registration area.


No formal qualifications are necessary, but participants should have at least five years' experience in a tax authority.

Course Description

Registration is a key platform for all the activities in an effective and efficient tax system. A fundamental initial step in administering taxes is taxpayer registration. Tax administrations must compile and maintain a complete database of businesses and individuals required by law to register; These will include business and individual taxpayers in their own right, as well as others such as employers with PAYE withholding responsibilities. Additionally, there may be some who choose to register even though they are not required to do so (e.g., voluntary registration by small traders). Registration and numbering of each taxpayer underpins key administrative processes associated with filing, payment, assessment, collection, and reporting to government (e.g., Ministry of Finance, government auditor, and legislature and its committees). The course will give you an overview of the essential elements of a high integrity registration process and register. We will explore the legal requirements of registration and the entry into taxpayers meeting their obligations. It requires a focus from strategy to delivery and continuous learning and adapting - looking at use of smarter ways of delivering the outcomes - use of analytics, behavioral insights, segmentation etc as examples. Ultimately you should leave here with the skills to build and maintain a sustainable high integrity register - with high quality data, that is effectively used to promote voluntary compliance, and enable effective enforcement action as appropriate. We aim by the end of the course you are able to train your staff and develop an approach to improve your processes within your team.

Course Objectives

The collection and delivery of the revenue for Government and the community is a critical role of tax administrators. This course aims to provide the participants with exposure to the fundamentals of effective and efficient registration management to minimize the likelihood of taxpayers avoiding their obligations by remaining unregistered or being uncontactable. Knowing the participants in the tax system is a critical role of tax administrators, and the effectiveness and the efficiency of the tax system. This course has been developed to build your capabilities to aid in achieving a high integrity register and ensuring sustainability and fit for purpose for India.The course will include group participation exercises, and the development of a plan to implement these good practices in their teams.